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Wines of Portugal - 2013

Tapada dos Monges White
Very light aroma with citric and minerals. A correct profile with finesse. Good acidity in the mouth, the wine seems rounder than usual, thus being appropriate for fish dishes with spices. To drink young.

Tapada dos Monges Espadeiro
Very interesting aroma, more mineral than usual and a slight note of red berries. In the mouth, that feeling of strawberry is more powerful, it’s a very different and original wine. To drink as an aperitif or with finger food.

Tapada dos Monges Red
Dark in color, aromas of ripe fruit with a mineral side to it. It is a very tasteful wine, much different than classic Red Vinho Verde. Well balanced wine.

Tapada dos Monges White Azal
Always more veggie than fruity with some mineral notes, the grape variety Azal presents itself very well in this wine, smooth and able to accompany a good meal. This is also the feeling in the mouth, with good body and acidity.

Tapada dos Monges White Loureiro
Slightly fruity, showing a very typical profile for the region, citric, discreet but very well designed. Very fresh in the mouth, light body and with a light presence of bubbles, but all in a correct dosage.

Tapada dos Monges Red Vinhão
Dark in color, in the nose it has chemical notes alongside very ripe fruit, but witch shows a certain care in the wine making process not to set aside consumers. In the mouth, it has body, small bubbles, and tamed tannins that make the tasting easier. Wine for strong meaty dishes.

Miogo Reserve White 2009
Tasting of 2012. Medium bubble and more persistent than the last edition. In the nose, it has notes of ripe fruit and veggies, all in a medium presence but very appealing. The ripe fruit has an overwhelming presence in the mouth, which makes it more of a sparkling for a dinner party than for a summer sunset!

Miogo Reserve 2008 Rose Espadeiro
Tasting of 2012. Very salmon pink in color, with some orange shades usual in this grape variety. Very good balance in the mouth, with perfect acidity and a soft, delicate bubble. Perfect for light dishes.

Miogo 2009 Red
Tasting of 2012. Very dark in color, it has very ripe fruits aromas, with some veggie notes. Very balanced in the mouth, it must have some residual sugar that helps in the ensemble, good style for accompanying a dinner party like an outside barbecue.